Soprano Rusne Tuslaite is an experienced and competent singing and music theory teacher who aims to unfold each student‘s individual potential and skills. Rusne is a Student member of the ISM and has a full DBS check as well as the LRAM teaching diploma. With extensive piano and drums experience she is confident to offer home and online lessons to any age group, level or background. She has been preparing students for auditions, competitions, concerts, ABRSM exams, studio/ CD recordings or just helping explore musicality and preferred styles of music.
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The latest reviews from the Herne Hill Music Studio:



My daughter is now 5 years old and started with Rusne for singing lessons in August last year. She enjoyed very much her singing lessons. Rusne is able to keep her engaged and interested with the lessons. Rusne guides her on breathing, music notes recognition, rhythms, singing octaves to piano play.

She noted on my daughter's good progress on notes recognition and good following of rhythms.  I am pleased to hear that. Rusne is energetic and good with kids.  We look forward to her helping our child to become a better singer as she grows. Many thanks.  (Jie)

(Singing; Aural; Theory)

I find the teacher extremely good and as a result I feel progress is very good. The teacher is very flexible regarding times and hours, which lets me fit these lessons into my schedule. Teaching technique - those are the best parts: 

+ We practice only very few pieces (quality as opposed to quantity) 

+ We review pieces done in the past months after a while 

+ We work extensively on pronunciation and breathing

+ When there is a technical difficulty/problem the teacher creates ad-hoc exercises that help me overcome those problems 

+ The teacher provides scores with notes on those, which help me prepare the pieces

+ The teacher makes it clear what the objective is for each piece, given its difficulty and my level. This helps a lot to remove the stress, as there may be cases where the result is not what I expect, but getting confidence that what I am doing is the best I can do at this stage keeps me on track. (Gabriele)

I’ve had had singing lessons with Rusne for the last two years and am really happy with the progress I’ve made. Most importantly I really enjoy the lessons. Rusne is a gifted teacher with high standards not matter what your level. She pays a lot of attention to details and is also very individualised in her approach and open to suggestions. She is a committed and enthusiastic teacher. I am just learning singing for fun so have not done any exams, but Rusne has encouraged me to take part in the studio concerts which I may do in the future. She also offers lessons in the holidays. I think the fees are very reasonable for the quality of teaching that I get. Thank you! (Anne- Marie)

JULY 2020 

I am really pleased with the progress I have made. I feel I have made a good progress despite having very little time to practice between lessons. Rusne is an amazing teacher as she is both really positive and encouraging but at the same time pays a lot of attention to detail. I trust her knowledge and I find the lessons very challenging and enjoyable. (Anne- Marie)